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Investing in Sri Lanka

Today Sri Lanka, as a rapidly growing country has opened new opportunities to the world. With the growth of tourism and infrastructure development in Sri Lanka the market is also rising daily. Due to these reasons investing in Sri Lanka will definitely bring benefits within matter of years.

Company Profile

The main focus of our organization is to raise the necessary best funding with the direct foreign investment contribution that you may require and also to create useful and actionable articles that can assist your project actively to become ‘investment-ready’ at a reasonable priced environment.

We can offer you a range of services, and from recent feedback from our existing clients, we see entrepreneurs worldwide benefiting from the knowledge and experience that is featured in our new challenge. At the very least (according to a statement from one of our clients) entrepreneurs are now demanding more from Investors which is encouraging for all parties concerned.

  • Real Estate and Land Development
  • Highways
  • Luxury Flat
  • Shopping Complex
  • Water
  • Luxury Hotel
  • Energy
  • Railway
  • Aviation
  • Mega City development

Recent years have seen an increase in the Government Project of cross Country & activity in the construction and engineering sector, particularly in projects in developing economies.

In 2016 BOI (The Board of Investment of Sri Lanka) noted that “infrastructure spending has begun to rebound from the global financial crisis and is expected to grow significantly over the coming decade” and predicted that “some regions, particularly emerging Asia, are projected to enjoy a bigger boom in infrastructure development than more advanced economies.” This was soon reflected in the market, most commonly in Asia and particularly major infrastructure projects in the energy, mining, rail and water sectors.

Many of the locations for these new projects have traditionally been perceived as jurisdictions with higher, including concerns such as greater political support, less-predictable policy or greater exposure for foreign investors. To address these concerns in order to attract foreign investment (both in the construction sector and generally), many States have committed to protect incoming investors and their investments against expropriator, unfair or discriminatory treatment by public authorities within their territories. These protections are commonly agreed in international investment treaties between capital exporting States and capital importing States wishing to attract investment.

By structuring investments carefully at an early stage, contractors involved in cross-border projects can often benefit from these commitments and may secure important protections from harmful interferences by the State where the investment is made. This article examines how contractors and investors can structure their cross-border projects to access such protections.


To be a leading investment management organization in locally as well as globally, providing a platform of wealthy, robust and viable investment through a systematic approach.


Contribute to the development and diversification of economy through workable investment for innovative and sustainable projects by promoting environmental friendly solutions.


  • Produce consistent positive return on investment
  • Deploying best means of preserving principal while receiving a specified rate of return
  • Contribute to fund possible and viable projects
  • Seek reliable income and capital preservation
  • Seek capital appreciation growth and minimizing risk

Company Heads

Sanjeewa Devapriya Payagala
Pincha Hewage Jalitha Narthana
Head of Business

We, as the management workers of this company, are fully dedicated to serve our stakeholders in highest responsible manner to meet their expectations highest possible according to internationally recognized terms and conditions

We are fully teamed to achieve organization objectives by following four core values, such as discuss, agree, set and execute

We are fully committed to operate our internal and external business activities according to local and international legislations

We honest, loyal and trustworthy to our investors, clients, and stakeholders in every operation of the organization

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